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How to Opt for a Squash Racquet

Deciding on the best squash racquet for you can be a difficult endeavor. Which a person to pick? Help save the money and purchase an inexpensive one particular or invest into some much more high-priced gear? Which manufacturer to settle on?

I might wish to make it easier for yourself – share the many suggestions I’ve acquired from that time and enable you to pick the very best racquet to suit your needs. Consider me, it`s not complicated whatsoever.

1. Initially off, commence along with the value range

You are able to obtain racquets which are pretty cheap as well as very high-priced kinds. It is dependent typically with your funds, just how much you happen to be cozy to invest on your own tools.

Although it is absolutely improved to speculate into superior quality racket, it is best to bear in mind that it is only a device – what matters is your talent and exactly how you benefit from the activity. So don`t rush into your most expensive equipment for those who absolutely are a beginner.

Newbie class racket will set you back from 25 to fifty pounds – in the event you are only trying squash out and don`t choose to devote loads of dollars, select this a single.
Superior course comes in a better price tag variety of course – but will present you far better overall performance so if you want to engage in a lot more generally, choose some superior equipment suitable absent.

2. Qualities in the racket

There are quite a few characteristics that impact the conduct and features of each racket – the most crucial are body weight, stability, materials which it’s made from (graphite, titanium,…) and dimension and form from the head.

Certainly you don`t must totally recognize all parameters into the complete element – just having an outline what a certain variable influences is completely plenty of.


This 1 is admittedly effortless to grasp. The load of squash rackets lies on the scale from about a hundred and twenty grams to much more than two hundred. Lighter kinds are generally additional costly since it requires bigger high-quality elements.

Large racquets (a hundred and eighty gram and a lot more) are great for beginners. It is possible to focus just on managing the strike since weight functions for you personally and provides ample power. The drawback is you can never ever realize these types of management just like a lighter racket.

Medium-weight (140 – 180 gram) are improved suited for professional players. Why? Due to the fact it can be much more difficult to strike the ball tough, a player must blend his very own energy together with the suitable charge of the ball to obtain the best energy – that may be actually hard for players that are even now learning the sport. These are definitely also much more pricey.

Gentle racquets (a hundred and twenty – a hundred and forty gram) – for very knowledgeable players.

So my information is – in the event you are starting off with squash, attempt a less expensive, heavier racquet and upgrade to a lot more high priced, lighter just one after you get some expertise and ability.


You’ll find several kinds of several materials and alloys applied, one example is:

Aluminum – the most cost effective squash rackets are often fabricated from aluminium. They’re weighty (all over 200 gram) and also incredibly tough and difficult to hurt. Their drawback are vibrations generated when hitting the ball.

Graphite composites – titanium and carbon will often be additional on the graphite foundation. These racquets are lighter and much better for enjoying – but when made use of carelessly they might crack.


Or – the distribution of pounds. We distinguish a few styles:

Head weighty – the burden lies a lot more in the direction of the top along with the racket feels hefty within your hand, it`s less difficult to provide highly effective strokes.

Head light-weight – much more towards the handle so it permits superior control of the ball.

Evenly well balanced

Notice that this is basically a make any difference of non-public preference, some people like head large raquets, some other individuals prefer evenly well balanced…

Condition and dimensions on the head

Bigger heads (500 sq cm) give you a greater sweet spot so it`s a lot easier to strike the ball with them and so they also present more electricity.

Scaled-down heads offer you you a lot more manage.

3. Model

And eventually – the brand name. Lots of gamers have their beloved which they stick to, other folks evaluate the sortiment of every maker intently and after that choose which one has the top offer for them. It`s your decision.

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